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Learn to adapt to life’s challenges by starting from within, with self-understanding, self-responsibility, self-direction, and determination. 

Gap Year Experience

NEW! A nine-month program in which you will get individual mentoring, build social skills, gain work experience, and fully explore your next steps forward. Radically improve your creative reasoning, independence, and self-confidence.

Gain the knowledge necessary to live
as a free person.

Weekend Seminars

Explore riveting topics in 2 ½ day weekend seminars offering in-depth discussions, informative outings, and interaction with expert professionals. These deep dives will expose you to some of the greatest resources and thought leaders in human history.

Week-Long Seminars

Radically strengthen your reasoning power and autonomy in a week-long seminar of collaborative conversations about topics ranging from physics to philosophy, sculpture to sociology; see how ideas shape the world around you in thought-provoking outings.

Great Books Conversations

Join us online for enlightening conversations about classic texts that have extraordinary relevance to modern life. Our aim: respectful conversations that help you judge ideas and issues for yourself.

FREE to attend!

Overseas Trips

Learn from the greatest thinkers and worthwhile modern works in an overseas excursion filled with riveting conversation, explorations of our surroundings, and convivial meals. Delve into pivotal texts in the ancient cities where they were written with a group of like-minded individuals. 

What makes our method different from other programs?

Many young people haven’t had the opportunity or the experiences needed to learn how to judge what’s best for themselves. If you are one of them, our program will save you money and grief by helping you figure out what direction you should take and how to go about taking it before you waste money and valuable time.

You’ll discuss works of great authors about key topics which will sharpen your understanding of how to think and how to live.

We focus on enabling you to have excellent independent judgment, self-confidence, reasoning powers, social skills, and to learn about ideas across the ideological spectrum, so you can think for yourself.

You’ll have an opportunity to work on a real world problem with a small group, and you’ll also learn about personal finance, economics, the stock market, technology, and the role of art in a well-lived life.

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