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Enrollment is open for The Great Connections Leap Year! Please see all the information we’ve put on our updated website about the new program.

Marsha Familaro Enright with Paul Enright at the New Trier Gap Fair

Last weekend, I tabled at two Gap Fairs here in Chicago, Oak Park River Forest High School and New Trier High School, and was able to connect with many local families interested in our program. This weekend, our Operations Director, Noelle Mandell, and our Board Member, Sable Levy, tabled at Gap Fairs in Houston and Austin, TX. 

Noelle Mandell at a Houston Gap Fair

If you know any student interested in exploring our Leap Year gap program, please send them our way!

Fiction Update: What’s Going On in Young Adult Fiction

Last month I told you about the hazards of contemporary children’s fiction, and recommended some wonderful older stories of all kinds, for a variety of ages in Classics for Children.

 Now, there’s an appalling report about a new author of Young Adult Fiction who’s been mau maued by Social Justice Warriors .

“A first-time author of young adult fiction, Amelie Wen Zhao, has decided not to publish her book Blood Heir after progressive critics in the YA community decided that she was guilty of a litany of crimes: racial insensitivity, plagiarism, and more.”

She got a $500,000 advance for this novel! I’m not sure how a first-time author gets that kind of advance these days, but it’s really unfortunate that she’s caved to the pressure. That’s what The Comprachicos taught her to do.

The report’s author says: “‘There is more than one way to burn a book, and the world is full of people running about with lit matches,’ Bradbury wrote. In our age of daily, context-free viral outrages, it’s a prescient warning.”

 These Social Justice collectivists are only steps away from true totalitarianism – if only they could use guns on the rest of us!

“Free” Tuition for College Students

Reader Robert Meier sent in this article, in case it’s of help to some students. “Several U.S. cities and municipalities offer government-sponsored free tuition programs. These programs are either completely or partially free, and most have conditions and mandates that student recipients must follow, similar to the restrictions on state free college tuition programs.”

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