Students Desribe the 2015 Great Connections Seminar

What Students Said About The Great Connections Seminar 2015

“The seminar is transformative; I grew as a person. Working part time in the Philippine Congress, my biggest goal is to share what I learned with my colleagues and friends and apply it to positively affect our lives.” 

Ken Wu, junior, University of the Philippines-Dilman, from Quezon City, Philippines

“Transformative” Ken Wu, at left

It has surpassed my expectations! I loved it! I learned so much from everyone, the texts, the experiences and myself! I’m really happy! I’ve gained awareness of when you are accepting someone else’s opinion (author, person or institution) without inspecting their arguments and logic. It can be very dangerous to accept ideas blindly, without thinking about the consequences they may have on your own life.” 

Isabel Moino, senior, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, from Guatemala City, Guatemala

“It surpassed my expectations!” Isabel Moino, at left

“My biggest goal in life is to reach my highest physical and mental potential. I took away many things from the seminar, but three main lessons: 1. The reading selections allowed me to learn and incorporate a wider range of subjects. 2. Groomed analytical skills which I grew over the week. 3. The people I have met here are more similar to me on a conscious level than any other people I have ever met. I am very thankful for what I have learned from each one of them. Where I come from, people cannot even picture themselves doing what I’ve done this week; I can be an example of what everyone in my community can do for themselves.” 

Derick Ansah, sophomore, SUNY-Purchase, from Bronx, NY

One of the best experiences of my life and I’ll definitely be back next year, perhaps with a good friend as well! I’ve gained more self-confidence and lost the self-doubt that weighed me down, which will be important in pursuing my job as a corporate lawyer and writer on issues.” 

Remy Oliver, freshman, University of Virginia, from Potomac Falls, VA

“As the week went on, I was surprised due to the fact that each new day was even more amazing than the last.” 

Kaitlyn Means, senior, Brookfield-Broadview Heights High School, from Broadview Heights, Ohio 

“A life-changing experience! It’s crazy how such a diverse group of people can come together and grow as a family! Super glad I had the opportunity to attend. Knowing the importance of clear definitions and coming to terms with a reading will be very useful, as well as knowing the many aspects of power. But the largest lesson this week is how to live objectively via reason, individualism, and freedom.” 

Seth Kannarr, senior, Harlem High School, from Machesney Park, Illinois

“At Hillsdale College people have of a lot of philosophical and political debates outside of class. My impression was that engaging in these would be relatively useless because the disagreement would usually stem from a very fundamental disagreement (such as if there is a higher authority). But I learned this week that what seems to be two irreconcilable stances might actually just be two people using different definitions. I plan to use this knowledge when I get caught up in such a debate.” 

Nora Gibes, freshman, Hillsdale College, from Augusta, MI

“I struggle to set society’s influence aside and only focusing on what I truly want for myself. My desire of wanting to be a better person, being able to know me more. I believe that this seminar has helped me get on the path to really getting to know me, to discover what are the things that make me who I am, and to question more, and listen carefully.” 

Tanya Badillo, geophysical engineer, from Mexico City, Mexico

I can see myself implementing a mandatory seminar to every business I might own some day. I believe that this will help them develop their reasoning skills and their collaborative structure.” 

Rene Miguel, sophomore, Harold Washington College, from Chicago, IL

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